The projects I worked on


  • ArkX, a next gen bloc buster for Xbox360 and PC. This was my entry for the 2008 Dream Build Play Contest. A blocbuster being a game that let you break some bloc… what else?
  • XCross, the first picross for XBox360. More than 100 Picross, experimental 3d Picross, trophies, unlockables, and even a set of the best levels of ArkX. Free ArkX token hidden in the game!

Softwares & Tools

  • EasyLearn, a small tool to help you to remember a new language.
  • WebInstaller, An online script installer
  • GXView (beta), an handy tool for anyone working with XNA
  • LCS, a generic xml-based backoffice for any PHP website.
  • HMEdit, a simple heightmap editor.
  • The GameTools Suite, a set of handy tools for moonlighters and game programmers